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The artist Anselm Kiefer
Born March 8 1945, Donaueschingen, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Praemium Imperiale Award, Der Kaiserring, Neo-Expressionism,

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anselm kiefer
Thank god for Anselm Kiefer. While much contemporary art struggles with relevance, skill or impact, Kiefer’s art hits you like a bulldozer. With video interview.

anselm kiefer
<p>Guggenheim<br /><br />
Seraphim is part of Kiefer’s Angel series, which treats the theme of spiritual salvation by fire, an ancient belief perverted by the Nazis in their quest for an exclusively Aryan nation. In this painting, a ladder connects a landscape to the sky. At its base, a serpent—symbolizing a fallen angel—refers to the prevalence of evil on earth. According to the Doctrine of Celestial Hierarchy, a 5th-century text, the seraphim “purify through fire and burnt offering…”</p>

anselm kiefer
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Anselm Kiefer
Kiefer reflects upon and critiques the myths and chauvinism which eventually propelled the German Third Reich to power. His paintings depict his generation’s ambivalence toward the grandiose impulse of German nationalism and its impact on history. Kiefer’s work consistently balances the dual purposes of visually powerful imagery and intellectually critical analysis. Curator and art historian Mark Rosenthal has written of Germany’s Spiritual Heroes, a painting where historical meaning is superimposed upon a setting of personal significance, Kiefer’s former studio in a rural schoolhouse…

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