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The artist ANT FARM
Pseudonym: Chip Lord and Doug Michels
Born 1968, San Francisco, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Architecture, Land and Environmental,

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Curtis Schreier, Douglas Hurr and Hudson Marquez (photo: Chip Lord)

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alternative architecture
Environmental design practice, expanded to include Curtis Schreier and, at times, Douglas Hurr and Hudson Marquez. Ant Farm

Ant Farm. A group of radical architects, video, performance and installation artists.

If there’s one element of architecture the young might rightfully resent, it’s the utter permanence of it all. Not only fixed in place, architecture is fixed in time, an implicit monument to the authority and allure of a moment, by definition, gone by. This fixity was the very thing that, in 1968, the young architects collectively known as Ant Farm would resist…

Chip Lord
Chip Lord was trained as an architect and is a media artist who produces both single channel films and video installations.

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