Anthony Ausgang

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The artist Anthony Ausgang
Born 1959, Point-a-Pierre, Trinidad.
Lives and works in USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Lowbrow,

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Anthony Ausgang
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Anthony Ausgang
If you're a fan of hot rods, gallery art, cartoons, psychadelics, or any striking imagry, the name ANTHONY AUSGANG should not be unfamilliar…

Anthony Ausgang
Anthony Ausgang was born in Point-a-Pierre, Trinidad and Tobago to Welsh and Dutch parents. After a terrible plane flight he arrived in Texas, just in time to catch the Kennedy assassination and the beginnings of Ed Roth's Ratfink (a connection noted by many conspiracy buffs)…

Anthony Ausgang
"The painting depicts a man seated at a table. He has lust been served his meal and he has a look of gusto and glee on his face. His meal consists of a single slab of meat. The diner's waiter is standing next to the table and is looking down at the man and his meal; the waiter is a cow dressed in a suit."

Anthony Ausgang
"The Great Catnip Drought"

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