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The artist Anthony Gormley
Born 1950, London, England.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Installation art, Photography,

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anthony gormley
It is an unforgettable sight that, even after the removal of the statues, will survive for a long time in the minds of all those who have seen it: Antony Gormley Gormley’s hundred iron statues rising from the sand along the long coastal strip until they stand in full length on the wet, ribbed sand, staring at the horizon in silent expectation…

anthony gormley
schooling at Ampleforth College, Yorkshire, he went on to complete a degree in Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Art at Trinity College, Cambridge, between the years of 1968-71. Following his graduation, Gormley travelled to India and Sri Lanka to study Buddhism for three years. On his return to London, in 1974 …

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When I think about Room (1980), which is just a set of my clothes expanded to make a kind of barbed wire fence; chopped into continuous strips about 8 mm thick and then unpeeled like an orange, expanded to become an enclosure…

anthony gormley
European Field

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