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The artist Anton Faistauer
Born Febr 14 1887, St. Martin bei Lofer (Salzburg), Austria.
Died Febr 13 1930, Maishofen, Austria.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Expressionism,

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Faistauer, with Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka once one of the most important pioneers and now a classic of modern painting in Austria, in contrast to the traditionally hostile to the avant-garde always connected to the great Western tradition of painting.

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Anton Faistauer
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Anton Faistauer
The art of painting has gained its deepest purpose in serving as a means to discover the world, to make the psyche of humans and landscapes understood; it has become a tool to conquer the world. Paintings perform the task of explaining nature’s secrets to mankind. They can imbue the breath, diversity, depth and profundity of the uni-verse. They can ease chaos and open up ways into the spirit of creation.

Anton Faistauer
While Anton Faistauer’s early townscapes and landscapes encapsulate the soft, impressionistic aura of the moment, in the 1920s the emphasis clearly shifted in favour of a strict formal structure. In a view such as this, everything is subordinated to a clear pictorial architecture and even the natural formations are in accord with the regular shapes of the buildings…

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