Antonio Calderara

Antonio Calderara | the artist

The artist Antonio Calderara
Born Oct 28 1903, Abbiategrasso, Italy.
Died Oct 28 1978, Vacciago di Ameno, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Constructivism, Op Art Optical Art, Concrete Art,

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Antonio Calderara
It took a number of years before Antonio Calderara finally arrived at his ultimate form of expression. From the late 1920s to the 1950s, the autodidactic artist experimented with a variety of styles, painting landscapes with an impressionist air, still lifes in earth colours, as well as portraits and melancholy figural paintings that recall the coolness of Neue Sachlichkeit from twenties Germany. During the 1950s he increasingly simplified the composition of his works in favour of a frontal and planar approach. His favourite motif now became an often hazy landscape steeped in pastel tones by the sunlight from around Lake Orta in upper Italy, where the artist lived for many decades. In his Lake Orta works he arrived at an ever greater abstraction. Landscape and architecture soon came to be completely stylised and reduced to geometrical forms, until only an echo or distant memory of the actual subject still remained…

Antonio Calderara
Zugunsten der Malerei bricht Antonio Calderara nach einer Einzelausstellung, die bereits 1923 stattfindet, im Jahr 1925 sein Ingenieurstudium ab, das er zwei Jahre davor am Politechnikum in Mailand begonnen hatte…

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