Architecture Machine Group

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The artist Architecture Machine Group
Born 1967, Massachusetts, USA.
Died 1980, Massachusetts, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Architecture, Art and Electronic media,

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Nicholas Negroponte, Mark D. Gross, Omar Khan, Nick Bruscia, Matthew Hume, James Brucz,  Andrew Lippman, a.o.

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Architecture Machine Group

Architecture Machine Group
The precursor to the MIT Media Lab, the Architecture Machine Group, ArcMac for short, was founded in October 1967 by MIT architecture professor Nicholas Negroponte to create an “architecture machine” that would help architects design buildings…

Architecture Machine Group
Mark D. Gross teaches in the University of Washington's Architecture Department, where he directs the Design Machine Group. His research interests include understanding design processes and developing computational environments based on this understanding, coordination of team design work, and human-computer interfaces…

Architecture Machine Group
Reflexive Architecture Machines. Abstract

Architecture Machine Group
The Aspen Moviemap was the first interactive “virtual travel” project to incorporate photo-realistic images via computer-controlled videodisc. The project, which began in 1978, originated at MIT’s Architecture Machine Group, Nicholas Negroponte’s proto Media Lab. Andrew Lippman, already a long-time colleague of Nicholas’, was the Principal Investigator…

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