Ardeshir Mohassess

Ardeshir Mohassess | the artist

The artist Ardeshir Mohassess
Born Sept 9 1938, Rasht, Gilan Province, Iran.
Died Oct 9 2008, New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing,

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Ardeshir Mohassess
Drawings and portrait

Ardeshir Mohassess
In the 1960s, after receiving a degree in political science from Tehran University, he worked as an illustrator for Iranian journals and newspapers. Soon after, his drawings began to appear in major international newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times… with slideshow of works

Ardeshir Mohassess
Drawing and portrait

Martha Rosler, Ardeshir Mohassess, Yael Bartana
Ardeshir Mohassess was not afraid to take sides, only the combatants kept shifting, as tends to happen in the Middle East. Although he moved to New York in his early forties, before the 1979 revolution, already he imagined it, pleaded for it, and feared it…

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