Armando Lulaj

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The artist Armando Lulaj
Born 1980, Tirana, Albania.
Lives and works in Blogna, Italy, .
Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Site specific art,

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Armando Lulaj
What happens to inhibitions in today’s swell of globalization? Does the old Polynesian term “taboo” still have meaning, or have such notions disappeared in the “everything goes” drive of global Capital? Is this overwhelming drive actually the biggest taboo of our time? To what extent do the power structures of our society differ from those of the past, and is history still relevant?…

Armando Lulaj
“Politics has never been my direct interest, if I can stress it like that. I just try to elude in a poetical way about politics. What brings the work into a political level, are than the analyses”- says Lulaj when talking with him during the preparation of the exhibition.

Armando Lulaj
Mainstream Dissent

Armando Lulaj
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