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The artist Arnulf Rainer
Born Dec 8 1929, Baden, Austria.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing, Zero, Body Art,

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about the artist
Rainer's confrontation with the art world status quo escalated upon his meeting the venerable Andre Breton in 1951. After surveying a room full of his drawings, Breton decided Rainer boring, thus propelling the unnerved artist into a fury. In the years that followed, Rainer attacked the concerns of Surrealism, by creating a body of work that technically and thematically investigated essential human emotion by experimenting with his own physicality and animalistic nature. Inspired by the action painting of Pollock, Riopelle and Wols, he began to paint blindfolded, integrating wild gestures in black and red, sometimes over one of his finished photographs or paintings, sometimes over the work of one of his contemporaries. He painted without preconceived thought, forcing his hand to move faster than his mind. While these early achievements, Blindmalerie and Ecriture Automatiques of the early 50s distinguished him as one of the defining artists of his generation, he is best known for the Umbermalungen (Overpaintings) that he created from 1953-64, as well as his more violent experimentations with Face- Farce and Handmalerie during the 1960s and 70s…

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