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Abdul Vas
Abdul Vas | the artistThe artist Abdul VasBorn March 15 1978, Maracay, Venezuela.Lives and works in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Zaragoza[...]
Adriana Varejao
Adriana Varejao | the artistThe artist Adriana VarejaoBorn 1964, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,[...]
Agnes Varda
Agnes Varda | the artistThe artist Agnes VardaBorn May 30 1928, Brussel, Belgium.Style and technique of the artist: Video, Agnes[...]
Alberto Vargas
Alberto Vargas | the artistThe artist Alberto VargasBorn Febr 9 1896, Arequipa, Peru.Died Dec 30 1982, Los Angeles, CA, USA.Style[...]
Alberto Viani
Alberto Viani | the artistThe artist Alberto VianiBorn 1906, Quistello, Italy.Died 1986, Mestre, .Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture[...]
Alexander Vesnin
(movement, 1919-1934) Constructivism is an art movement which originated in Russia in the 1920’s. It rejected art as an autonomous[...]
Allard van Hoorn
Allard van Hoorn | the artistThe artist Allard van HoornBorn Febr 29 1968, Leiden, Netherlands.Lives and works in New York[...]
André Volten
André Volten | the artistThe artist André VoltenBorn March 19 1925, Andijk, Netherlands.Died Sept 5 2002, Amsterdam, .Style and technique[...]
Angel Vergara
Angel Vergara | the artistThe artist Angel VergaraBorn 1958, Mieres, Spain.Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.Style and technique of the[...]
art group Voina
Art Group Voina | the artistThe artist Art Group VoinaBorn February 23 2007, , Russia.Style and technique of the artist:[...]
Arunas Vaitkunas
Arunas Vaitkunas | the artistThe artist Arunas VaitkunasBorn 1956, Kaunus, Lithuania.Died 2005, , .Style and technique of the artist: Painting,[...]
Banks Violette
Banks Violette | the artistThe artist Banks VioletteBorn 1973, Ithaca, New York, USA.Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,[...]
Barbara Visser
Barbara Visser | the artistThe artist Barbara VisserBorn May 20 1966, Haarlem, Netherlands.Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,[...]
Bea de Visser
Bea de Visser | the artistThe artist Bea de VisserBorn 1957, , Netherlands.Lives and works in Dordrecht, .Style and technique[...]
Ben Vautier
Ben Vautier | the artistThe artist Ben VautierBorn July 18 1935, Neapel, Italy.Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art,[...]
Bernar Venet
Bernar Venet | the artistThe artist Bernar VenetBorn April 20 1941, Chateau-Saint-Auban, France.Lives and works in New York, USA, .Style[...]
Bernard Villemot
(technique, early 1920th-present) In photography, a vintage print is the first print that the photographer makes immediately after developing a[...]
Berruti Valerio
Berruti Valerio | the artistThe artist Berruti ValerioBorn 1977, Alba, Piemonte, Italy.Lives and works in Verduno, .Style and technique of[...]
Bill Viola
(exhibition, -present) BEAP: The Biennale of Electronic Arts (BEAP) is a new media arts festival held every two years in[...]
Bram van Velde
Bram van Velde | the artistThe artist Bram van VeldeBorn Oct 19 1895, Zoetenwoude-Rijndijk, Netherlands.Died Dec 28 1981, Grimaud Haute[...]
C. A. Vicente Velado
C. A. Vicente Velado | the artistThe artist C. A. Vicente VeladoPseudonym: Frater VeladoBorn July 19th, 1941, Rio de Janeiro,[...]
Carel Visser
Carel Visser | the artistThe artist Carel VisserBorn May 3 1928, Papendrecht, Netherlands.Lives and works in Ravenswaay, .Style and technique[...]
Catherine Viollet
(movement, 1980's-1985) Figuration Libre, Graffiti. Figurative art, a product of mass culture and media. Spontaneous creativeness, reference to comic strips,[...]
Cecilia Vicuna
Cecilia Vicuna | the artistThe artist Cecilia VicunaBorn 1948, Santiago, Chile.Lives and works in New York, USA, .Style and technique[...]
Cesare Viel
Cesare Viel | the artistThe artist Cesare VielBorn 1964, Torino, Italy.Lives and works in Genova, Italy, .Style and technique of[...]
Charline von Heyl
Charline von Heyl | the artist The artist Charline von Heyl Born 1960, , Germany. Lives and works in New[...]
Chryssa Vardea
Chryssa Vardea | the artistThe artist Chryssa VardeaPseudonym: Chryssa MavromichaliBorn 1933, Athens, Greece.Lives and works in USA, .Style and technique[...]
Claude Viallat
(movement, 1964-1974) "Supports/ Surfaces"; a group of French artists, Andre-Pierre Aarnal, Vincent Bioules, Louis Cane, Marc Devade, Daniel Dezeuze, Noel[...]
Costas Varotsos
Costas Varotsos | the artistThe artist Costas VarotsosBorn 1955, Athens, Greece.Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,[...]
Danh Vo
Danh Vo | the artistThe artist Danh VoBorn 1975, , Vietnam.Lives and works in , Berlin, Germany.Style and technique of[...]
Don Van Vliet
Don Van Vliet | the artistThe artist Don Van VlietPseudonym: Captain BeefhaartBorn Jan 15 1941, Glendale, California, USA.Lives and works[...]
Dubosarsky and Vinogradov
Dubosarsky and Vinogradov | the artistThe artist Dubosarsky and VinogradovPseudonym: Vladimir Dubosarsky and Alexander VinogradovBorn D: 1964; V: 1963, Moscow,[...]
Edgardo Antonio Vigo
Edgardo Antonio Vigo | the artistThe artist Edgardo Antonio VigoBorn 1927, La Plata, Argentina.Died 1997, La Plata, .Style and technique[...]
Eduard Vuillard
(movement, 1880-1890's)Term coined by Roger Fry, referring to the work of some late 19th-Century painters who, although they developed their[...]
Emilio Vedova
(style, 1905-present)Expressionism is the art of the emotive. It is a type of art provoked by the consciousness of the[...]
Emo Verkerk
Emo Verkerk | the artistThe artist Emo VerkerkBorn 1955, Amsterdam, Netherlands.Lives and works in Den Helder, Netherlands, .Style and technique[...]
Eugenia Vargas Pereira
Eugenia Vargas Pereira | the artistThe artist Eugenia Vargas PereiraBorn June 30 1959, Chillan, Chile.Lives and works in Miami, FL,[...]
Eulalia Valldosera
Eulalia Valldosera | the artistThe artist Eulalia ValldoseraBorn 1963, Villafranca del Peneds, Barcelona, Spain.Style and technique of the artist: Installation[...]
F.H. Varley
(movement, 1920-present)Around 1912 a loosely knit group of artists began to paint Canada as they saw it. Sketch boxes in[...]
Fabien Verschaere
Fabien Verschaere | the artistThe artist Fabien VerschaereBorn 1975, Vincennes, France.Lives and works in Paris, France, .Style and technique of[...]
Felix Vallotton
Felix Vallotton | the artistThe artist Felix VallottonBorn Dec 28 1865, Lausanne, Switzerland.Died Dec 29 1925, Paris, France.Style and technique[...]
Fernando Velazquez
Fernando Velazquez | the artistThe artist Fernando VelazquezPseudonym: Fernando VelázquezBorn Febr 1 1970, Montevideo, Uruguay.Lives and works in Sao Paolo,[...]
Francesco Vezzoli
Francesco Vezzoli | the artistThe artist Francesco VezzoliBorn 1971, Brecia, Italy.Lives and works in Milan, .Style and technique of the[...]
Franco Vaccari
Franco Vaccari | the artistThe artist Franco VaccariBorn 1936, Modena, Italy.Lives and works in Modena Italy, .Style and technique of[...]
Francois de Verdiere
Francois de Verdiere | the artistThe artist Francois de VerdierePseudonym: de VerdièreBorn Apr 25 1944, Toulon, France.Lives and works in[...]
Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart
(style, 1930's-present)Theo van Doesburg: "A work of art does not derive from nature but is an autonomous reality composed of[...]
Ge-Karel van der Sterren
Ge-Karel van der Sterren | the artistThe artist Ge-Karel van der SterrenBorn 1969, Stadskanaal, Netherlands.Lives and works in Amsterdam, .Style[...]
Geer van Velde
Geer van Velde | the artistThe artist Geer van VeldeBorn Apr 5 1898, Lisse, Netherlands.Died 1977, Cachan, Seine, France.Style and[...]
Georges Valmier
Georges Valmier | the artistThe artist Georges ValmierBorn 1885, Angoulême, France.Died March 25 1937, Paris, .Style and technique of the[...]
Georges Vantongerloo
(movement, 1917-present) Neo Plasticism is a Dutch artistic movement founded in Amsterdam in 1917. Also referred to as De Stijl,[...]
Gitte Villesen
Gitte Villesen | the artistThe artist Gitte VillesenBorn 1965, Ansager, Denmark.Lives and works in Copenhagen & Berlin, .Style and technique[...]
Giuliano Vangi
Giuliano Vangi | the artistThe artist Giuliano VangiBorn March 13 1931, Barberino di Mugello, Firenze, Italy.Style and technique of the[...]
Hans Vandekerckhove
Hans Vandekerckhove | the artistThe artist Hans VandekerckhoveBorn Oct 12 1957, Ingelmunster, Belgium.Lives and works in Gent, .Style and technique[...]
Heinrich Vogeler
Heinrich Vogeler | the artistThe artist Heinrich VogelerBorn Dec 12 1872, Bremen, Germany.Died 1942, Kazakhstan, Russia.Style and technique of the[...]
Henk Visch
Henk Visch | the artistThe artist Henk VischBorn 1950, Eindhoven, Netherlands.Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Sculpture Objects, Henk[...]
Henry van der Velde
Henry van der Velde | the artistThe artist Henry van der VeldeBorn 1863, Antwerp, Belgium.Died 1957, Oberagen, Switzerland.Style and technique[...]
Humberto Velez
Humberto Velez | the artistThe artist Humberto VelezBorn 1965, City of Panama, Panama.Lives and works in London and Rio de[...]
Jack Vettriano
Jack Vettriano | the artistThe artist Jack VettrianoBorn 1951, Fife, Scotland.Lives and works in Scotland and London, UK, .Style and[...]
Jacques Villegle
Jacques Villegle | the artistThe artist Jacques VilleglePseudonym: Jacques Mahé de la VillegléBorn 1926, Quimper, England. (French).Style and technique of[...]
Jacques Villon
Jacques Villon | the artistThe artist Jacques VillonBorn July 31 1875, Damville, Eure, France.Died June 9 1963, Puteaux, France.Style and[...]
James VanDerZee
James VanDerZee | the artistThe artist James VanDerZeeBorn June 29 1886, Lenox, Mass, USA.Died May 1983, Washington DC, .Style and[...]
Jan Vercruysse
Jan Vercruysse | the artistThe artist Jan VercruysseBorn 1948, , Belgium.Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Photography, Jan[...]
Jan Vermeulen
Jan Vermeulen | the artistThe artist Jan VermeulenBorn Mai 11 1923, Leiden, Netherlands.Died Apr 10 1985, Nijmegen, .Style and technique[...]
Jan Voss
Jan Voss | the artistThe artist Jan VossBorn Oct 9 1936, Hamburg, Germany.Lives and works in Paris, France, .Style and[...]
Jannis Varelas
Jannis Varelas | the artistThe artist Jannis VarelasBorn 1977, Athens, Greece.Lives and works in Athens and London, UK, .Style and[...]
Jeanne van Heeswijk
Jeanne van Heeswijk | the artistThe artist Jeanne van HeeswijkBorn 1965, Schijndel, Netherlands.Lives and works in Rotterdam and New York,[...]
Joana Vasconcelos
Joana Vasconcelos | the artistThe artist Joana VasconcelosBorn Nov 8 1971, Paris, France.Lives and works in Lisboa, Portugal, .Style and[...]
Joana Villaverde
Joana Villaverde | the artistThe artist Joana VillaverdeBorn 1970, Lisbon, Portugal.Lives and works in Lisbon, .Style and technique of the[...]
Jules Vermeire
Jules Vermeire | the artistThe artist Jules VermeireBorn June 7 1885, Wetteren, Belgium.Died Nov 25 1977, Wassenaar, Netherlands.Style and technique[...]
Julia Ventura
Julia Ventura | the artistThe artist Julia VenturaBorn 1952, Lisboa, Portugal.Lives and works in Amsterdam Nehterlands, .Style and technique of[...]
Kai Virihaur
Kai Virihaur | the artistThe artist Kai VirihaurBorn July 9, 1951, Gisslarbo, Sweden.Lives and works in Uppsala, Sweden, .Style and[...]
Katleen Vermeir
Katleen Vermeir | the artistThe artist Katleen VermeirBorn 1973, Bornem, Belgium.Lives and works in Brussels, .Style and technique of the[...]
Koen Vermeule
Koen Vermeule | the artistThe artist Koen VermeuleBorn 1965, Goes, Netherlands.Lives and works in Amsterdam, .Style and technique of the[...]
Kostis Velonis
Kostis Velonis | the artistThe artist Kostis VelonisBorn 1968, Athens, Greece.Lives and works in Athens, Greece, .Style and technique of[...]
Lidwien van de Ven
Lidwien van de Ven | the artistThe artist Lidwien van de VenBorn 1963, Hulst, Netherlands.Lives and works in Rotterdam and[...]
Louis Valtat
Louis Valtat | the artistThe artist Louis ValtatBorn Aug 8 1869, Dieppe, France.Died 1952, Choisel (près de Rambouillet), France.Style and[...]
Louis Vivin
Louis Vivin | the artistThe artist Louis VivinBorn July 28 1861, Hadol, France.Died Mai 28 1936, Paris, .Style and technique[...]
Manolo Valdes
Manolo Valdes | the artistThe artist Manolo ValdesBorn 1942, Valencia, Spain.Lives and works in New York and Valencia, .Style and[...]
Manuel Vilarino
Manuel Vilarino | the artistThe artist Manuel VilarinoBorn 1952, , Spain.Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Manuel Vilarinoartworks on[...]
Marcel van der Vlugt
Marcel van der Vlugt | the artistThe artist Marcel van der VlugtBorn 1957, Naaldwijk, Netherlands.Lives and works in Amsterdam, .Style[...]
Martijn Veldhoen
Martijn Veldhoen | the artistThe artist Martijn VeldhoenBorn 1962, Amsterdam, Netherlands.Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands, .Style and technique of[...]
Massimo Vitali
Massimo Vitali | the artistThe artist Massimo VitaliBorn 1944, , Italy.Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Massimo Vitaliartworks on[...]
Matej Andraz Vogrincic
Matej Andraz Vogrincic | the artistThe artist Matej Andraz VogrincicBorn 1970, Ljubljana, Sloveina.Lives and works in Slovenia, .Style and technique[...]
Maurice de Vlaminck
(movement, 1905-1907) From the French word fauve , meaning "wild beast ." A style adopted by artists associated with Matisse,[...]
Meyer Vaisman
Meyer Vaisman | the artistThe artist Meyer VaismanBorn 1906, Caracas, Venezuela.Lives and works in New York, USA, .Style and technique[...]
Michel Verjux
Michel Verjux | the artistThe artist Michel VerjuxBorn June 2 1956, Châlon sur Saône, France.Lives and works in Paris, .Style[...]
Mieke van Ingen
Mieke van Ingen | the artistThe artist Mieke van IngenBorn June 18 1962, Delft, Netherlands.Lives and works in the Gard,[...]
Minnette Vari
Minnette Vari | the artistThe artist Minnette VariBorn 1968, Pretoria, South Africa.Lives and works in Johannesburg, .Style and technique of[...]
Nathalie Vogel
Nathalie Vogel | the artistThe artist Nathalie VogelBorn 1985, Tannanarive, Madagascar.Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Nathalie Vogelartworks on[...]
Nick Vostrikov
Nick Vostrikov | the artistThe artist Nick VostrikovPseudonym: PochtiVostrkovBorn Aug 3 1949, Abrau-Durso, Krasnodarskyi kryi, Russia.Lives and works in Moscow,[...]
Not Vital
Not Vital | the artistThe artist Not VitalBorn 1948, Sent, Engadine, Switzerland.Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects,[...]
Oleg Vassiliev
Oleg Vassiliev | the artistThe artist Oleg VassilievBorn 1931, Moscow, Russia.Lives and works in New York, USA, .Style and technique[...]
Paloma Varga Weisz
Paloma Varga Weisz | the artistThe artist Paloma Varga WeiszBorn 1966, Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany.Lives and works in Düsseldorf,[...]
Paul Villinski
Paul Villinski | the artistThe artist Paul VillinskiBorn 1960, York, Maine, USA.Lives and works in New York city, .Style and[...]
Pedro Vizcaino
Pedro Vizcaino | the artistThe artist Pedro VizcainoBorn Oct 11 1966, La Habana, Cuba.Lives and works in Miami, Florida USA,[...]
Peter Voulkos
Peter Voulkos | the artistThe artist Peter VoulkosBorn Jan 29 1924, Bozeman, Montana, USA.Died Febr 16 2002, Bowling Green, Ohio,[...]
Pierre Verger
Pierre Verger | the artistThe artist Pierre VergerPseudonym: (Pierre Edouard Leopold Verger)Born Nov 4 1902, Paris, France.Died Febr 11 1996,[...]
Remedios Varo
(movement, early 1920's-1930's) Let us not mince words: the marvelous is always beautiful. anything marvelous is beautiful, in fact only[...]
Ricardo Valentim
Ricardo Valentim | the artistThe artist Ricardo ValentimBorn 1978, Loulé, Portugal.Lives and works in Lisbon and New York, .Style and[...]
Rob Voerman
Rob Voerman | the artistThe artist Rob VoermanBorn May 6 1966, Deventer, Netherlands.Lives and works in Arnhem, .Style and technique[...]
Robert Venturi
Robert Venturi | the artistThe artist Robert VenturiBorn 1925, Philadelphia, USA.Style and technique of the artist: Architecture, Postmodernism, Robert Venturiartworks[...]
Roi Vaara
Roi Vaara | the artistThe artist Roi VaaraBorn July 17 1953, Moss, Norway.Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland, .Style and[...]
Rolf Versteegh
Rolf Versteegh | the artistThe artist Rolf VersteeghBorn Nov 9 1963, Utrecht, Netherlands.Lives and works in Rotterdam, .Style and technique[...]
Ronald Versloot
Ronald Versloot | the artistThe artist Ronald VerslootBorn 1964, Apeldoorn, Netherlands.Lives and works in Amsterdam, .Style and technique of the[...]
Roy Villevoye
Roy Villevoye | the artistThe artist Roy VillevoyeBorn 1960, Maastricht, Netherlands.Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Installation art, Roy[...]
Serge Vandercam
Serge Vandercam | the artistThe artist Serge VandercamBorn 1924, Copenhagen, Denmark.Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Cobra,[...]
Sergio Vega
Sergio Vega | the artistThe artist Sergio VegaBorn 1959, Buenos Aires, Argentina.Lives and works in Gainesville, FL, USA, .Style and[...]
Sjoerd de Vries
Sjoerd de Vries | the artistThe artist Sjoerd de VriesBorn Nov 9 1941, Oudehaske, near Heerenveen, Netherlands.Lives and works in[...]
Steina & Woody Vasulka
Steina & Woody Vasulka | the artistThe artist Steina & Woody VasulkaBorn Steina: 1940; Woody: 1937, Reykjavik / Brno, Iceland[...]
Stella Vine
Stella Vine | the artistThe artist Stella VineBorn 1969, Alnwick, Northumberland, UK.Lives and works in London UK, .Style and technique[...]
Stephen Vitiello
Stephen Vitiello | the artistThe artist Stephen VitielloBorn 1964, Richmond, USA.Lives and works in Richmond, VA and New York, NY,[...]
Suzann Victor
Suzann Victor | the artistThe artist Suzann VictorBorn 1959, , Singapore.Lives and works in NewSouth Wales, Australia, .Style and technique[...]
Theo van den Nahmer
Theo van den Nahmer | the artistThe artist Theo van den NahmerBorn 1917, Stratum (near Eindhoven), Netherlands.Style and technique of[...]
Theresia van der Pant
Theresia van der Pant | the artistThe artist Theresia van der PantBorn 1924, Schiedam, Netherlands.Died 4 january 2013, Amsterdam, .Style[...]
Thomas Virnich
Thomas Virnich | the artistThe artist Thomas VirnichBorn 1957, Eschweiler (near Koln), Germany.Lives and works in Munchengladbach, .Style and technique[...]
Toon Verhoef
Toon Verhoef | the artistThe artist Toon VerhoefBorn 1946, Voorburg, Netherlands.Lives and works in Eindhoven, .Style and technique of the[...]
Tris Vonna-Michell
Tris Vonna-Michell | the artistThe artist Tris Vonna-MichellBorn 1982, Southend on Sea, England.Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,[...]
Vanderbeek Stan
Stan Vanderbeek | the artistThe artist Stan VanderbeekBorn 1927, USA, USA.Lives and works in , USA.Died 1984, , .Style and[...]
Vanouse Paul
Paul Vanouse | the artistThe artist Paul VanouseBorn , , USA.Lives and works in , USA.Style and technique of the[...]
Varese Edgar
Edgar Varese | the artistThe artist Edgar VareseBorn 1883, , French.Died 1965, New York, USA.Style and technique of the artist:[...]
Vic Vicini
Vic Vicini Born 1957, Detroit Mi, US. Lives and works in Livonia MI, US. Original still life, figurative and landscape[...]
Victor Vasarely
(movement, mid 1960's-present) Movement that developed in the United States and Europe in the mid-1960s. Deriving from the abstract expressionist[...]
Victoria Ted
Ted Victoria | the artistThe artist Ted VictoriaBorn 1951, New York, USA.Lives and works in California, USA.Style and technique of[...]
Victoria Vesna
Victoria Vesna | the artistThe artist Victoria VesnaBorn Sept 9 1959, Washington D.C, USA.Style and technique of the artist: Video,[...]
Vidigal Ana
Ana Vidigal | the artistThe artist Ana VidigalBorn 1960, Lisbon, Portugal.Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.Style and technique of the[...]
Vorn Bill
Bill Vorn | the artistThe artist Bill VornBorn 1959, Montreal, Quebec. Canada.Lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. Canada.Style and technique[...]
Wolf Vostell
(technique, -present) Found objects, ripped posters, radical collages: as part of the New Realism movement of the early 1960s. Décollage[...]
Xavier Veilhan
Xavier Veilhan | the artistThe artist Xavier VeilhanBorn 1963, Lyon, France.Lives and works in Paris, .Style and technique of the[...]