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Agata Zwierzynska
(technique, 19th century-present) Introduction Fine art printmaking is based on the concept of creating a master plate, known as the[...]
Akram Zaatari
Akram Zaatari | the artistThe artist Akram ZaatariBorn 1966, Saida, Lebanon.Lives and works in Beirut, .Style and technique of the[...]
Anatoly Zverev
(movement, 1956-1986)Soviet dissident art from the historical Cold War period (1956-1986)—from Khruschev’s cultural "thaw" to Gorbachev’s glasnost and perestroika. Soviet[...]
Andrea Zittel
Andrea Zittel | the artistThe artist Andrea ZittelBorn 1965, Escondido California, USA.Lives and works in Joshua Tree, CA, .Style and[...]
Andreas Zybach
(technique, -present)Video art is an art form that uses moving pictures and audio data in the process of artistic expression.[...]
Artur Zmijewski
Artur Zmijewski | the artistThe artist Artur ZmijewskiBorn May 26 1966, Warsaw, Poland.Style and technique of the artist: Video, Documenta[...]
Bernd Zimmer
Bernd Zimmer | the artistThe artist Bernd ZimmerBorn Nov 6 1948, Planegg, Germany.Style and technique of the artist: Neue Wilden,[...]
Bernhard Zilling
(style, 1950's-present) Mail art is art which uses the postal system as a medium. The term mail art can refer[...]
Carlo Zinelli
Carlo Zinelli | the artistThe artist Carlo ZinelliPseudonym: CarloBorn July 16 1916, San Giovanni, Lopatoto, Italy.Died 1974, Verona, .Style and[...]
Carmelo Zagari
Carmelo Zagari | the artistThe artist Carmelo ZagariBorn 1957, Firminy, France.Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Carmelo Zagariartworks on[...]
Chen Zhen
Chen Zhen | the artistThe artist Chen ZhenBorn 1955, Shanghai, China.Died Dec 13 2000, Paris, France.Style and technique of the[...]
Cornelis Zitman
Cornelis Zitman | the artistThe artist Cornelis ZitmanBorn 1926, Leiden, Netherlands.Lives and works in Venezuela, .Style and technique of the[...]
David Zink Yi
David Zink Yi | the artistThe artist David Zink YiBorn 1973, Lima, Peru.Lives and works in Berlin, Germany, .Style and[...]
Dolores Zorreguieta
Dolores Zorreguieta | the artistThe artist Dolores ZorreguietaBorn 1965, Buenos Aires, Argentina.Lives and works in New York, USA, .Style and[...]
Edouard Zelenine
Edouard Zelenine | the artistThe artist Edouard ZelenineBorn 1938, , Russia.Died March 15 2002, Paris, France.Style and technique of the[...]
Feng Zhengjie
Feng Zhengjie | the artistThe artist Feng ZhengjieBorn 1968, Sichuan Province, China.Lives and works in Beijing, China, .Style and technique[...]
Frank Zirbel
(movement, 1945-present) Art Brut, also known as Outsider Art, started in 1945. The conception of Art Brut was thought of[...]
Gilberto Zorio
(movement, 1960's-1968) (movement, 1960's-1968)   (movement, 1960's-1968) "Arte Povera","arme Kunst".The term ‘Arte Povera’ was introduced by the Italian art critic[...]
Hani Zurob
Hani Zurob | the artistThe artist Hani ZurobBorn 30 August 1976, Rafah-Gaza, Palestine.Lives and works in Paris, France.Style and technique[...]
Heimo Zobernig
Heimo Zobernig | the artistThe artist Heimo ZobernigBorn 1958, Mauthen, Austria.Lives and works in Vienna, .Style and technique of the[...]
Jacob Zekveld
Jacob Zekveld | the artistThe artist Jacob ZekveldBorn March 22 1945, Rotterdam, Netherlands.Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Jacob[...]
Jan van der Zee
(movement, 1918-1941) The artist’s association ‘De Ploeg’ was founded in 1918 in reaction to the artistic climate in Groningen. A[...]
Jasmila Zbanic
Jasmila Zbanic | the artistThe artist Jasmila ZbanicBorn 1974, Sarajevo, Bosnia.Lives and works in Sarajevo, .Style and technique of the[...]
Jerry Zeniuk
Jerry Zeniuk | the artistThe artist Jerry ZeniukBorn Nov 22 1945, Bardowick, Germany.Lives and works in New York, USA and[...]
Joe Zucker
Joe Zucker | the artistThe artist Joe ZuckerBorn 1941, Chicago, USA.Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting, Joe[...]
Karolyi Zsigmond
Karolyi Zsigmond | the artistThe artist Karolyi ZsigmondBorn Apr 4 1952, Budapest, Hungary.Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Painting,[...]
Konstantin Zvezdochotov
(technique, of all times-present)Painting is the practice of applying paint, or pigment (color) onto a surface. The word “Painting” is[...]
Li Zhensheng
Li Zhensheng | the artistThe artist Li ZhenshengBorn Sept 22 1940, Dalian, Provende of Liaoning, China.Style and technique of the[...]
Liu Zheng
Liu Zheng | the artistThe artist Liu ZhengBorn 1969, Hebei Province, China.Lives and works in Beijing, .Style and technique of[...]
Luk Zeebroek
Luk Zeebroek | the artistThe artist Luk ZeebroekPseudonym: KamagurkaBorn Mai 5 1956, Nieuwpoort, Belgium.Style and technique of the artist: Painting,[...]
Mario Zampedroni
Mario Zampedroni | the artistThe artist Mario ZampedroniBorn 1945, Milan, Italy.Lives and works in Milan, Italy, .Style and technique of[...]
Otto Zitko
(movement, 1977-early 1980's) Neue Wilde, Mülheimer Freiheit Bezeichnung fur eine seit 1977 aufgekommen Stilrichtung in der deutschen Malerei, die der[...]
Piet Zwart
(movement, 1917-1931)(movement, 1917-1931) Introduction De Stijl is the Dutch version of the art movement called Neoplasticism. Translated as ‘The Style’,[...]
Qi Zhilong
Qi Zhilong | the artistThe artist Qi ZhilongBorn 1962, , Mongolia.Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Qi Zhilongartworks on[...]
Qiu Zhijie
Qiu Zhijie | the artistThe artist Qiu ZhijieBorn 1969, Zhangzhou , Fujian Province, China.Lives and works in Beijing and Hangzhou[...]
Raphael Zarka
Raphael Zarka | the artistThe artist Raphael ZarkaBorn 1977, Montpellier, France.Lives and works in Paris, France, .Style and technique of[...]
Remy Zaugg
Remy Zaugg | the artistThe artist Remy ZauggBorn 1943, Courgenay, Schwitzerland.Died Aug 2005, , Switzerland.Style and technique of the artist:[...]
Robert Zakanitch
Robert Zakanitch | the artistThe artist Robert ZakanitchPseudonym: Robert Rahway ZakanitchBorn 1935, Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.Lives and works in New[...]
Robert Zandvliet
Robert Zandvliet | the artistThe artist Robert ZandvlietBorn 1970, Terband, Friesland, Netherlands.Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Robert Zandvlietartworks[...]
Roman Zakrzewski
Roman Zakrzewski | the artistThe artist Roman Zakrzewski Born 1955, , Poland.Lives and works in Cracow, Poland.Style and technique of[...]
Ronald Zuurmond
Ronald Zuurmond | the artistThe artist Ronald ZuurmondBorn 1964, Den Haag, Netherlands.Lives and works in Tilburg, .Style and technique of[...]
Sergio Zavattieri
Sergio Zavattieri | the artistThe artist Sergio ZavattieriBorn 1970, Palermo, Italy.Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography, Drawing, Sergio[...]
Shai Zakai
(style, 1960's-present)Conceptual Art is a type of modern art based on ideas or concepts and not the actual or physical[...]
Stanislaw Zagajewski
Stanislaw Zagajewski | the artistThe artist Stanislaw ZagajewskiBorn 1929 (?), Warsaw, Poland.Lives and works in Wloclawek, .Style and technique of[...]
Sylvie Zijlmans
Sylvie Zijlmans | the artistThe artist Sylvie ZijlmansBorn 1964, Geertruidenberg, Netherlands.Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Installation art, Sculpture[...]
Tang Zhigang
Tang Zhigang | the artistThe artist Tang ZhigangBorn 1959, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Tang[...]
Thomas Zipp
Thomas Zipp | the artistThe artist Thomas ZippBorn 1966, Heppenheim, Germany.Lives and works in Berlin, .Style and technique of the[...]
Unica Zuern
(technique, -present) The act of Drawing is the application of a medium onto a surface, usually paper. The medium can[...]
Vadim Zakharov
Vadim Zakharov | the artistThe artist Vadim ZakharovBorn 1959, Duschanbe, Georgia, USSR.Lives and works in Moscow and Koln, .Style and[...]
Xu Zhen
Xu Zhen | the artistThe artist Xu ZhenBorn 1977, Shanghai, China.Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Installation art, Istanbul[...]
Yang Zhenzhong
Yang Zhenzhong | the artistThe artist Yang ZhenzhongBorn 1968, Hangzhou, China.Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography, Venice Biennale,[...]
Yin Zhaohui
Yin Zhaohui | the artistThe artist Yin ZhaohuiBorn 1977, Henan, China.Lives and works in Beijing, .Style and technique of the[...]
Zaccagnini Carla
(technique, late 1950's-present) Performance Arts is a type of art form that requires an audience. The artist could do the[...]
Zadkine | the artistThe artist ZadkineBorn July 14 1890, Vitebsk, Russia.Died November 25 1967, Paris, France.Style and technique of the[...]
Zuoxiau Zuzhou
(technique, -present) Writing, Poetry, Visual Poetry, Sound Poetry. Artists Writing : adn - gan gen - mut> nat - wol>[...]