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The artist Artur Zmijewski
Born May 26 1966, Warsaw, Poland.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Documenta Kassel,

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artur zmijewski
Artur Zmijewski is an artistic radical who realizes extreme creative conceptions. In his works he refers in an almost obsessive way to the problem of the corporality and physicality of the human being, perceived from the perspective of our basic biological functions.  “The physicality of the human body –  it’s the primary unit in Zmijewski’s scheme” (Michael Brodeur).  Such a perspective poses a question about the relationship between the material body, subject to illness and decay, and a person’s intellectual and spiritual dimension…

artur zmijewski
In his films and photographs, Artur Zmijewski (Polish, b. 1966) investigates social norms by observing unusual or invented situations. Seeing his role as “inducing the field,” the artist often adapts the strategies of political action in his work, creating scenarios that cause a stir among otherwise passive participants and documenting their actual reactions. His work frequently explores long-term trauma caused by historical and sociopolitical events. While his projects sometimes focus on marginalized or disenfranchised populations, Zmijewski is also interested in what he terms the “dominant state of mind,” widely held popular beliefs and attitudes that shape “common reality.”…

artur zmijewski

artur zmijewski
Zmijewski’s pictures seem purely documentary at first sight, yet the artist’s analytical and precise stagings are also evident in the choice of frame and the montage. Although Zmijewski regarded the tools available for sculptural works as too limited, he has not lost his interest in the classical subject of sculpture: the representation of the human body…

artur zmijewski
So genannte Wellen und andere Phänomene des Geistes

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