Arturo Herrera

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The artist Arturo Herrera
Born 1959, Caracas, Venezuela.
Lives and works in New York and Berlin, .
Style and technique of the artist: Collage, Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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Arturo Herrera
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Arturo Herrera
Herrera’s work includes collage, work on paper, sculpture, relief, wall painting, photography, and felt wall hangings. His work taps into the viewer’s unconscious, often intertwining fragments of cartoon characters with abstract shapes and partially obscured images that evoke memory and recollection. Using techniques of fragmentation, splicing, and re-contextualization, Herrera’s work is provocative and open-ended…

Arturo Herrera
New York City-based artist Arturo Herrera's dynamic, Disneyesque abstractions traffic in the associative realm between the conscious and unconscious mind. Herrera's Hammer Project will include a new all drawing, paintings, and cut-paper and felt pieces…

Arturo Herrera
from Disney to Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism…

Arturo Herrera
Les Noces

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