Ashok Sukumaran

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The artist Ashok Sukumaran
Born 1974, , Japan.
Lives and works in Bombay India, .
Style and technique of the artist: Architecture, Video, Digital Art, Singapore Biennale,

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Ashok Sukumaran
Redoubt (The old Therapeutic Institution). 2006

Ashok Sukumaran
This installation project is an attempt to physically puncture the black box in which media arts usually resides. The empty ‘interior’ is filled with live elements from the immediate outside- sunlight (through a tracking system) and live video (being painted across the room), in an interactive relationship with human participants.

Ashok Sukumaran

World-Information City

Ashok Sukumaran
Artist-in-Residence Ashok Sukumaran is Creating a Large-scale, Interactive Work that Will Shed New Light on Technologies Developed at the Labs.

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