Asier Mendizabal

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The artist Asier Mendizabal
Born 1973, Ordizia, Spain.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Manifesta, Video,

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Asier Mendizabal
Mendizabal’s activity may be described as a critique of ideology from the staging of the structures that give it shape. To do so he does not hesitate to use the most suitable languages and tools for each occasion: sculpture, photography, video, film…

Asier Mendizabal
Asier Mendizabal (Ordizia, Guipuzkoa, 1973) is one of the Basque artists of the new generation who pays most attention to the relations between form, discourse and ideology. His oeuvre could be described as a critique of ideology based on the mise en scène of the structures that shape it. Through the expanded fields of art, rock music, cinema, politics and theory his view on social structures leads him to sketch out a map of the totality of production relations. Asier Mendizabal's transversal, multidisciplinary approach focuses sharply on the difficulties of representation inherent in the political, as well as on the gaps between artistic activity and the "political unconscious" present in cultural productions, manifestations of the collective and mass movements…

Asier Mendizabal

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