August Walla

August Walla | the artist

The artist August Walla
Born 1936, Klosterneuburg, Austria.
Died July 7 2001, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Art Brut,

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Passionate artist August Walla painted, beside on canvas the walls of his room, furniture, trees and roads.

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august walla
Born in 1936 in Klosterneuburg. Walla already began working artistically in his youth. He produced drawings, painted, photographed, was a calligrapher and lettrist, and set signs and symbols in the landscape. He decorated his surroundings by leaving his mark on houses, streets and trees and created his own mythology using known and self-invented gods and creatures…

august walla
Walla became a member of the Gugging house of artists in 1983. August Walla created an extensive body of work including drawings, prints, photographs, and paintings. He used deeply rich and symbolic imagery to create a world exploring personal, political, cultural, and religious issues. It has been said that Walla was the most versatile of the Gugging artists. He wrote and painted on every surface inside and outside of the Gugging house of artists–walls, doors, cupboards and trees. His mental world was strongly polarized into opposites such as good and evil, male and female, and so on…

august walla
He invented secret languages, wrote also music notes. In the course of the time he developed a personal mythology, a mystic-magic world with Gods, Demons, strange words and symbols…

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