Avner Ben-Gal

Avner Ben-Gal | the artist

The artist Avner Ben-Gal
Born 1966, , Israel.
Lives and works in New York, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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There is something ethereal and mysterious about the work of Israeli artist Avner Ben-Gal. Perhaps it is the smoky allure of feeling as though one is looking through a window or spying on the scene set by Ben-Gal…

Avner Ben-Gal
Avner Ben Gal also makes use of a hermit. In her Corn, we are shown a crazed black man – conforming somewhat to type; large balls hanging, skinny body, 'afro' hair and beard – tending to his harvest of scorched corncobs in front of his equally scorched and dilapidated shack…

Avner Ben-Gal
scroll down for 'Salt Mine'

Avner Ben-Gal
…In these paintings low lives, whores, transvestites and stooges, whose sexual identity is often ambiguous, are depicted in an abstracted, deserted and raw landscape.

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