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The artist Baker Overstreet
Born 1981, Augusta, Georgia, USA.
Lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Baker Overstreet
Saatchi gallery: Influenced by tribal and folk art, Baker Overstreet envisions a primitive abstraction reflective of contemporary zeitgeist. In totemic compositions of bold colour and stylised patterning Overstreet develops his own painterly lexicon comprised of personal symbolism and gesture. Through their atavistic formalism, Overstreet’s symmetrical arrangements create deceptive pictorial fields: Rough scrawled lines and blocks of vibrant hue evoke fleeting suggestions of figurative or architectural form, creating moments of recognition only to be devoured by the urgency of the paintings’ surfaces….

Baker Overstreet
Selected works and biography

Baker Overstreet
Baker Overstreet’s work consists of canvases depicting spaces filled with symbols and figures intertwined, devouring and purging each other. The mark making ranges from slick line and color fields to rough-hewn “coloring” and clunky shape making. The appearance of these pictures allows the viewer to enter a world of confusion, where polar opposites live amongst each other, striving to reconcile their differences. This world exists in an interior space that reminds us of a darkened theater or discotheque – both spaces of shadow, masquerade, and excess. The spaces created allow for a play of appearance versus reality. One symbol might represent one thing, but then later appear to be the signal for something completely different. In the end, the canvases exist as mirrors that ask the viewer to look at the outward and inward equally. They question the possibility of finding a meeting place between the artists perception with that of the viewer…

Baker Overstreet
Flattering Turtleneck

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