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The artist Banks Violette
Born 1973, Ithaca, New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Drawing,

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banks violette
Using such diverse references as Motorhead album covers, Breughel, and pathological teenage gangs, Violette weaves popular culture iconography into an operatic tale of co-opted rebellion.

banks violette
Banks Violette is an odd case — something of a cross between Delacroix and Cady Noland. A consummate craftsman equally proficient at painting and sculpture, Violette is a present day history painter rendering the social landscape in which we live and the way the signs of our times breed and contain stories of violence. Violette's installations investigate the truly dark corners of American culture in a vernacular that weds an appreciation of high art forms to a kitsch Gothic sensibility. A consistent bearer of bad news, Violette here explores a recent horrific case with both passionate obsession and clinical detachment…

banks violette, saatchi gallery
Fuelled by its associations with violence, satanism, racism, and nationalism, Violette uses the Goth genre as both symptom and cause of individual immorality and social breakdown.

banks violette

banks violette
Banks Violette, whose interests both in minimalist form and in the transmissions of subcultural communities have determined the course of his artistic practice since 2000, has been increasingly drawn to collaboration as the conceptual support for his installations. These collaborations have, more often than not, paired Violette with Stephen O’Malley, the musician most frequently associated with the drone metal band Sunn O))). O’Malley, for example, has now worked closely with Violette on three major projects with this new exhibition functioning as a continued bridge with these previous installations…

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