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The artist Banksy
Born 1974, Bristol, UK.
Lives and works in London, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Mural Art – Muralism, Figuration-Libre-Graffiti, Stencil Graffiti,

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Banksy is the pseudonym of an English graffiti artist, painter, film director, and political activist. Because he was primarily known for his graffiti, his works can mostly be viewed on the streets, bridges, and walls of London, and the rest of the world.

Banksy is a freehand artist who grew into prominence in 1990. In 1994, he ended up working in the underground scene. He started selling his artworks commercially when he met Steve Lazarides, a photographer, nominated himself as his agent.

Banksy used stencils in his works that usually carry strong messages of anti-war, anti-establishment, and anti-capitalism, among others. He oftentimes uses policemen, soldiers, rats, apes, the elderly, and children in his works. He became utterly notorious with his masterpieces that he was forced to live in places where the police won’t find him.

Banky’s street art at The Thekla


The stenciled technique of Banksy is what makes his artworks impressive and unique.  He first draws the stencils onto sheets of card or acetate and then cut then out by hand. It was further assumed that he uses a computer make the stencils. Banksy admitted that he chose to use stencils in his art because he was always too slow when doing street graffiti. So to keep himself from getting caught and to assure he finishes whatever art he starts, he went for the stencils. It has made his work a whole lot faster indeed, and allows him to finish the street art as scheduled.

Most, if not all, of Banky’s creations were of political and social in nature. He views street art as a way to do revenge or start guerilla warfare against capitalism, abusive power, and territory control. His works have the anti-war, anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, anti-fascism, and anti-authoritarianism theme to it. He also paints about anarchism, existentialism, poverty, greed, despair, hypocrisy, absurdity, and alienation, among others.

Charles Manson street art in London

Major Artworks

Although working underground, Banksy managed to create numerous notable artworks throughout his career. One of his most famous street arts can be found on the The Thekla, which is an entertainment boat docked in Bristol. He painted the reaper sailing in his own boat in that particular artwork.

He also has street art works found in Archway, London. That one is a portrait of Charles Manson wearing a prison suit, as if hitchhiking to anywhere. Additionally, he drew a naked man on the wall of a sexual health clinic, a Swinger in New Orleans, and an ATM attacking a girl in Roseberry Avenue.

And although underground, Banksy managed to stage different exhibitions all over the world from 2002 up to the present. His most notable exhibit was his first one. It was called ‘Existencillism’ and was held in 2002 in Los Angeles.

The Swinger in New Orleans

Interview and Statements

One of the most memorable statements of Banksy in the very rare times he agreed to be interviewed was about the way he perceives traditional art. He said, “Every time you visit an art gallery, you are merely looking at the trophy cabinet of some millionaire.”

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Street Art. Blank Walls are Criminal

The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill

Banksy has adorned the West Bank barrier with six images

Artist’s website

Keeping his identity a closely guarded secret, the graffiti artist Banksy has made a name for himself with provocative images stencilled around the streets of London…

Collection of his graffiti taken all around London, Brighton and Bournemouth.

Banksy, despite not calling himself an artist, has been considered by some as talented in that respect; he uses his original street art form, often in combination with a distinctive stencilling technique, to promote alternative aspects of politics from those promoted by the mainstream media…

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