Banu Cennetoglu

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The artist Banu Cennetoglu
Born 1970, Ankara, Turkey.
Lives and works in Istanbul and Amsterdam, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography, Istanbul Biennial,

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Banu Cennetoglu
In a collage and a video projection Banu Cennetoglu documents a fragment from the cost line at Kalamis, which is one of the wealthiest neighbourhood at the Asian side of Istanbul. She focuses attention on a number of remarkable contrasts between the three zones that make up this very fragment. Are there any palm trees in Grozny? can be read as the geographic reflection of latent desires and social displacements: While each represents specific interests and projected wishes, together they become a spatial frame in which personal stories can be traced…

Banu Cennetoglu

Banu Cennetoglu
What are the rules of recognition of a space or land if it is in a condition of continuous de-territorialization? How can be interpreted visually? The work by Banu Cennetoglu, “Determined Barbara” offers us two clues of understanding that is not only about the conditions of a space but also the confusions of our senses that are related to our understanding of established “space politics”…

Banu Cennetoglu
This installation of photographs examines the ways in which a space or land is recognized and visually interpreted when it is in a condition of continuous de-territorialization. The contested “space” in Determined Barbara is Barbara, a territory that was transformed after the 90s into a temporary military training ground for Stabilization Force (SFOR) units in Glamo?, a settlement in former Yugoslavia whose present and previous inhabitants have become refugees and temporary dwellers…

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