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The artist Barbara Campbell
Born , , Australia.
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Sydney Biennale,

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Barbara Campbell
Barbara Campbell is an Australian artist who works primarily in the medium of performance. Since 1982 she has worked with the specific physical and contextual properties of a given site, be it art gallery, museum, atrium, tower, radio airwaves and now the world wide web, in developing and presenting her works…

Barbara Campbell
A beautiful combination of vagueness and super-concrete detail in Tony White’s great new story at 1001 Nights Cast, Barbara Campbell’s project which I wrote about already here with some thoughts about my own most recent contribution. In Tony’s story Ahead in the Line men whose names you don’t know are telling tales that the narrator can only half-remember as they wait in some kind of line for something that you don’t really get to the bottom of but which you intuit is probably horrible…

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