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The artist Beatriz Milhazes
Born 1960, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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beatriz milhazes
The Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes fuses modernist styles of painting with the emblems of her cultural heritage. Her abstract compositions are typically layered with imagery, particularly floral designs and ornate circular medallions. Milhazes draws upon local visual traditions as diverse as Baroque colonial art, with the filigree halos of its saints; folk styles of decorative painting on furniture and architecture; and the mass-produced textiles, wallpaper, and ceramic tile of her everyday surroundings. In addition, her brilliant color schemes recall the costumes and parade floats of Carnival, especially as celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, her hometown and the cultural capital of Brazil…

beatriz milhazes
Venice Biennale

beatriz milhazes interview
VernissageTV met with Beatriz Milhazes in Miami to chat about her upcoming show. In this conversation with Sabine Trieloff, the Brazilian artist talks about her project for Art Basel Miami Beach und the upcoming show at the Fondation Beyeler.

beatriz milhazes
Beatriz Milhazes works in the pure aesthetic style of the Pattern and Decoration movement. Influenced by her native land of Brazil, her vibrant and bold use of color and patterns creates work that is as much playful, free and psychedelic, as it is geometric, organized and rhythmic…

beatriz milhazes
Milhazes is an established Brazilian artist who executes her large-scale studies of overlapping pattern and shape with virtuoso facility. The color choices are so deftly applied that the images appear to perform visual acrobatics, with the viewerÂ’s focus tumbling around the picture plane. The geometric forms are seamlessly layered in acrylics, forming a complex spatial relationship in which the background and foreground are constantly trying to reassert themselves…

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