Ben F. Laposky

Ben Laposky | the artist

The artist Ben Laposky
Born 1914, Cherokee, Iowa, USA.
Died 2000, , USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art, Art and Electronic media, Photography,

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Ben F. Laposky
My work in computer art is a form of oscillography, the results of which I have called 'Oscillons' or 'Electronic Abstractions….

Ben F. Laposky
Electronic Abstractions

Ben F. Laposky
Laposky was a draftsman, a lettering artist, and a long-time student of mathematics who owned a sign shop in Iowa and dabbled in art in his spare time. Inspired by futuristic literature that envisioned "painting with light," he began turning undulating light from an oscilloscope into an electric trance dance….

Ben F. Laposky
The late Ben Laposky is among the pioneers in electronic art, which preceded the development of computer graphics…

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