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The artist Benny Andrews
Born Nov 13 1930, Madison, Georgia, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Benny Andrews
Having just joined the church, at about age ten, Benny was the first soul I ever heard describe heaven in finite detail. One day while walking through the wilderness (blackberry picking) with Sister, Shirley, and myself, Benny took it upon himself to explain heaven to us young heathens. He explained going to heaven so beautifully, especially the part about all the grapes you could eat, that I wanted to go right that moment. The only thing that cooled me down was his telling me that I had to die first…

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Born in 1930 in Madison, Georgia, Benny Andrews was interested in painting from a very young age. After serving in the Korean War he enrolled in the Art Institute of Chicago. While his natural talent was soon recognized, he was excluded from numerous organizations and the exhibitions they organized for being African American.

Benny Andrews
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Benny Andrews
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