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The artist Berni Searle
Born July 7 1964, Cape Town, South Africa.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Photography,

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berni searle
Drawing from personal narratives as well as more collective experiences, my work can be seen as a series of explorations around the body, history, time and place…

berni searle
Video installation.

berni searle
Searle's main project for the exhibition is Night Fall, a triple screen video installation and a series of related prints. The artist has placed herself precariously on top of a huge mound of crushed red grape skins that have been spurted out from an overhead funnel. En masse the grape skins form a sensuous reddish purple backdrop, simultaneously evoking lusciousness and decay. Shot mainly in slow motion, at dusk and dawn, the work has a contemplative dreamlike quality which is disrupted by an unexpected series of 'falls'…

A matter of time
“I think my work operates on different levels and reflects different racial and political experiences – but I don’t think my pieces are limited by that. I hope they transcend and go beyond that, and provide a space for illusion and fantasy. They reflect a desire to present myself in various ways to counter the image that has been imposed on me.” Berni Searle

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Working with photography, video and film, Berni Searle’s lens based installations references ongoing explorations around history, memory and place.

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