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The artist Bill Jacobson
Born 1955, Connecticut, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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bill jacobson
Bill Jacobson is well known for a body of work that negates (through the application of a defusing lens) the specificity of photographic vision in favor of an immateriality of light and form. In the past his black and white pictures of isolated subjects suggested actions, moods, even narratives that were ethereal, haunting, and momentary. If his photographs were likened to poetry, Jacobson would be a symbolist rather than a realist…

bill jacobson

bill jacobson
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bill jacobson
Interim Thoughts, and Others consists of four series by American photographer Bill Jacobson from the past fifteen years. From the early 1990s Jacobson makes his name with his out-of-focus, painterly images that address themes of loss, mortality and spirituality…

bill jacobson
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