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The artist Bill Vorn
Born 1959, Montreal, Quebec. Canada.
Lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. Canada.
Style and technique of the artist: Art and Electronic media, Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Digital Art,

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Bill Vorn

Bill Vorn
As a solo artist, Vorn has also created unique installations and software. In 1996, he designed Life Tools, a set of software (MAX) tools using artificial life basic algorithm functions, which are downloadable from his Web site. In 1997, he produced Evil/Live 01 (1997), (6) an interactive sound and light installation "based on The Game of Life, a cellular automaton invented by John Conway in 1970."..

Bill Vorn
Hysterical Machines, 2006

Bill Vorn
Bill Vorn is working in the field of Robotic Art since 1992. His installations involve robotics and motion control, sound, lighting, video and cybernetic processes…

Bill Vorn
This project is part of a larger research program on the Aesthetics of Artificial Behaviors and is very much inspired of a previous work based on the Misery of the Machines (Bill Vorn, LP Demers, La Cour des Miracles, 1997)…

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