Bita Fayyazi

Bita Fayyazi | the artist

The artist Bita Fayyazi
Born 1962, Tehran, Iran.
Lives and works in Tehran, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Bita Fayyazi
I am obsessively fascinated with objects and or beings; birds and other creatures, in numbers and multiples as is seen in the theme of my works…

Bita Fayyazi

Bita Fayyazi
…Bita Fayyazi, born in 1962 in Tehran. Sixteen years of work experience in ceramics, sculpture and relief tile-making. She has participated in art exhibitions and venues in Tehran, Isfahan, London, Copenhagen, New Dehli, and Beirut. She usually works on collaborative projects with other fellow artists.She lives and works in Tehran.

Bita Fayyazi
Light at the end of the tunnel

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