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The artist Brian Jungen
Born Apr 29 1970, Fort St. John, British Columbia.
Lives and works in Vancouver, Canada, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Sydney Biennale, Sobey Art Award,

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Brian Jungen
rian Jungen’s sculptures are among the central artistic contributions to current reformulations of ethnological and cultural evolutionary perspectives. In this respect, Jungen, who belongs to the culture of the Dàne-Zaa Indians (First Nations), does not pursue the reanimation of a marginalized (image) language and symbolism…

Brian Jungen
The Canadian artist Brian Jungen has always had a profound way with the most prosaic materials, applying aboriginal traditions of object-making (he is partly of Dane-zaa descent) to cheap mass-produced goods like sneakers and plastic chairs. But too often these building blocks have dictated the meaning of his work, making it seem to be all about sports and consumer culture…

Brian Jungen
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Brian Jungen
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Brian Jungen
Two works, Shapeshifter (2000) and Cetology (2002), have been created of white plastic lawn chairs that were cut, deconstructed and re-assembled. They hang, in their new forms, suspended in the gallery space, referencing the traditions of artifact display typical of the natural history museum. ..

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