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The artist Brodie Ellis
Born 1979, Lismore, Australia.
Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Sydney Biennale,

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Brodie Ellis
Brodie Ellis graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2005. Her solo exhibitions include: Swarming Behavior, West Space, Melbourne (2006); Thin Red Line, 3 x site specific projects, Melbourne CBD (2004), The Super Pit, Conical (2008). Her work has featured in a number of group exhibitions including Wallara Traveling Scholarship Exhibition, VCA Gallery (2005); Hurt Couture, Blindside Gallery, Melbourne (2005); Lurking There, Red Gallery (2005) and Landed, Domain House, Melbourne Botanical Gardens (2004), Too near too far Careof Gallery, Milan (2007), Videoteca Careof Gallery, Milan (2007). She has also collaborated with fellow artist Tony Cran on exhibitions including Under Embargo, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (2006) and Half Way, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne (2005).

Brodie Ellis
The inventiveness of the species can be seen in the tools which extend our capabilities, and exemplify the power of humanity as a force seeking growth. The same can be said for the prosthesis in its gaining an operation, a driver. This interaction or interface between a human being and a tool is an exchange of abilities, wherein lies a fear. The fear is of the sacrifice necessary for the exchange, and gain from one to the other, the mechanical and the human body. Brodie Ellis is the inagural recipient of the West Space Prize…

Brodie Ellis
Super Pit

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