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The artist Bruce Nauman
Born Dec 6 1941, Fort Wayne Indiana, USA.
Lives and works in Galisteo, New Mexico, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Printmakers, Conceptual Art, Postminimalism, The Larry Aldrich Award, Praemium Imperiale Award, skulptur projekte munster, Sydney Biennale, Performance Art, Sound Art,

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Bruce Nauman
One Hundred Fish Fountain is comprised of 97 fish, cast in bronze, which hang by wires from a suspended metal grid.   Water, from a large basin on the floor, is pumped through clear tubing to the fish and sprays out of the their bodies in all directions from hundreds of randomly punctured holes.   The fountain runs on a scheduled timer so that the viewer witnesses the jolting sound and movement as the fish fill with water as well as the silence when the pumps are turned off followed by the water slowly trickling out of each fish.   In a second gallery are two fountains entitled 3 Heads Fountain (3 Andrews) and 3 Heads Fountain (Juliet, Andrew, Rinde) each of which consists of three epoxy resin and fiberglass heads wired together with water spraying from the many holes.  

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