Buthayna Ali

Buthayna Ali | the artist

The artist Buthayna Ali
Born Febr 23 1974, Damascus, Syria.
Lives and works in Damascus, Syria, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Istanbul Biennial,

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Buthayna Ali
<p>Why?<br /><br />
Shortly away from the love of sex<br /><br />
Law regulates the relations between human<br />
beings<br /><br />
The law goes on in Oblivion…Without knowing, to be a part of our motives<br /> <br />
The motives of its desire us or them Differs from another person<br /><br /><br />
Who? And why?!<br /><br />
I ask these questions to myself When I walk in this city markets…</p>

Buthayna Ali
<p>Buthayna Ali was born in Damascus, in 1974. After studying Fine Arts at the University of Damascus, Syria, she moved to Paris for her graduate studies to obtain a Diploma in painting from the Superior National School of Fine Arts of Paris (ENSB-A) along with a Masters degree (DEA) in History of Islamic Art from Paris IV Sorbonne University, Paris. <br />
Buthayna Ali is currently teaching painting at the faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Damascus, Syria. Besides her academic commitments, Buthayna practices her own art. <br />
In all her installation works, she focuses on the contradiction of her milieu; one can strongly sense her desire of getting closer to the society, its states, its concerns, its inconsistencies. She had recently exhibited her work in Collective exhibition Marionette (Sexy Souks in Point Ephémère) Paris, France (2007), in Collective exhibition in Europe art exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland (2006),We in the Alrywak Gallery, Damascus, Syria (2006), Collective exhibition in Brunei Gallery, London, UK (2004), Promises in Atassi Gallery, Damascus, Syria (2003),Tent in the National Museum, Damascus, Syria, (2002)</p>

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