Cameron Jamie

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The artist Cameron Jamie
Born 1969, Los Angeles, California, USA.
Lives and works in Paris, France, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Whitney Biennial,

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Cameron Jamie
Cameron Jamie has created a body of work centering around film and performance that documents various fringe rituals, including backyard teenage wresting, Halloween spook houses, eating contests, and a winter visitation by mythical beasts…

Cameron Jamie
Maps and Composite Actions 2001-03

Study for Kranky Klaus
Cameron Jamie’s work—a blend of video, sound, performance, photography, and drawing—deals with European and American history and culture, in particular their dysfunctional manifestations. His sharp critical gaze often focuses on ritualistic practices in popular culture, and his intricate work has its background in the artist’s own folklore and mythologies…

Cameron Jamie
<p>All of my projects, whether documentary, fiction, or whatever, are all somehow linked and connected like little planets to one another. Some artists create worlds that they want to exist. Inside my world everything seems to be dead and brought back to life in a zombie-like state. <br />
Cameron Jamie, 2003*</p>

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