Carmelo Cappello

Carmelo Cappello | the artist

The artist Carmelo Cappello
Born May 21 1912, Ragusa, Italy.
Died 1996, Milan, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Documenta Kassel,

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Kim Coleman
Kim Coleman (born Northern Ireland, 1976, lives in London) and Jenny Hogarth (born Glasgow, 1979, lives in Edinburgh) work collaboratively, placing a great deal of emphasis on the participatory and performative aspects of art practice. They describe their approach as a ‘discussion about creativity and making art as well as a model of teamwork and friendship’…

Kim Coleman
Inside a blacked out Associates, Gallery Manager Rebecca May Marston bends over backwards into a sharp crab shape, her hands and feet awkwardly face the same direction on the floor. A slide projector balances precariously on top of her stomach. She shakes slightly. Over at the window, Jenny Hogarth parts wide the Venetian blind and carefully clambers feet first into the gallery. Jenny stares intently at Kim Coleman who is sat bolt upright on the floor at the far end of Associates…

Kim Coleman
An interview between Kim Coleman, Ryan Gander, Jenny Hogarth, & Rebecca May Marston, 15th October, 2006.

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