Catherine Dapra-Zawierka

Catherine Dapra-Zawierka | the artist

The artist Catherine Dapra-Zawierka
Pseudonym: DNA Art Forms
Born Febr 5 1980, New York, USA.
Lives and works in London and New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Metaphysical Painting,

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DNA Artist layering unique DNA results into imagery
influenced by life.

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DNA Art Forms
Using the unique regions of your DNA, work with artist Catherine Dapra-Zawierka to create a commissioned art form based on your lifestyle and influences.

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Artist’s portfolio

Art Exchange
Upcoming exbihitor at NY Art Expo.

Catherine Dapra Zawierka
Catherine Dapra Zawierka of DNA Art Forms creates custom paintings using her clients individual genetic profile as the visual basis of each piece. Developing art based on the unique regions of human DNA, Catherine uses creative elements and approaches to inspire a fully commissioned art piece that truly represents you. With a simple cheek swab, you can begin your journey.<br /><br />Your art form will be as distinct as you and any relationships you might choose to represent including individuals, couples and families.

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