Catherine de Saugy

Catherine de Saugy | the artist

The artist Catherine de Saugy
Pseudonym: Catherine de Saugy
Born Jan 10 1949, Geneva, Switzerland.
Lives and works in Perroy, Switzerland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Her painting vivid colours on acrylicglass panels generates sidereal rhythms modulating unpredictable games among forms, lines and colors. Depth of field’s, effects and luminous brilliance breaks the traditional space limits.

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Her sense of composition, like her disposal of the colour should be enough to establish an attractive artwork based on the oil or acrylic on canvas, but you would underestimate seeker nature and bright spirit of the artist. Catherine de Saugy needs a new working method. Pursuit of a new consciousness, the artist is spurred, thereof, to discover a way of expression possessing an unexplored meaning, not only in her pictorial sense, but also in term of methods.
New products, new matters, recent technologies, nothing has been escaping her methods which should contribute in building an amazing bright cathedral generated by the artist’s view. Trials succeeding, and finally, the Plexiglas becomes her framework and could fully express her desire of light. (…)
If there is an artwork which could take you into a light kingdom, this is certainly Catherine de Saugy’s piece.
Everything is resonance and vibration for an abstract surrealism which would like to restore her rights to the imagination. Apart from common feelings, with the faith of a peculiar discovery, the artist has been contributing completely in her works, and is happy to show her confidence in the light and in her technique. We are in the presence of a remarkable work in term of modernity and artistic research.<br />J.St Aubin – art critic

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