Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown | the artist

The artist Cecily Brown
Born 1969, London, UK.
Lives and works in New York, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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cecily brown
ccording to the artist, these works are "lush frenetic orgies of potent color, at once vulgar and subtle." From a distance, the tangles of sucking and banging bodies disperse into baroque swells of tumescent lust…

cecily brown
Named after the famous Doris Day film, this Pyjama Game has no intention of maintaining a squeaky clean image…

cecily brown
At a time when the publishing industry turns out anthologies of "flash" or "sudden" fiction, 2 or 3 page short stories bound in slim volumes, British painter Cecily Brown's fevered canvasses evince a novelistic attention to detail. Applying paint in abrupt, staccato strokes, Brown builds up a thick pelt of viscous marks that spontaneously swirl and overlap in volcanic fields of color. "Long is the new chic. Length is the new brevity," Adam Gopnik recently gushed in the New Yorker, and this is certainly true of Brown's labor intensive accretions of molten color that cheat the quick glance, but reward the patient viewer…

cecily brown
She has since established herself as one of the key figures in the strong resurgence of painting at the end of the nineties. Brown revels in the freedom she has forged as a young female painter, her work liberates and celebrates the sacred cows of old master figure painting. ..

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