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The artist Charles Atlas
Born 1958, Missouri, USA.
Lives and works in New York city and Paris, .
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Video, Documenta Kassel, Whitney Biennial,

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charles atlas
My primary artistic medium is video, and by virtue of a taste for exploration and experimentation, my work has encompassed videotape, broadcast, installation and live performance. Whatever the format, though, the animating interest to which I invariably return lies in the nexus of portraiture, performance (especially dance), and time…

charles atlas
Biography and works

charles atlas
Charles Atlas is one of the premier interpreters of dance, theater and performance on video. He transforms this genre into a provocative and ironic collusion of narrative and fictional modes with performance documentary.

charles atlas
Charles Atlas has been designing lighting for the Michael Clark Company since 1984, though his primary work since the mid-1970s has been as a film director and video artist producing media/dance works, multi-channel video installations, feature-length documentaries, video art works for television, and live electronic performances.

review charles atlas
Charles Atlas, film director and video artist, has been producing film and video works since the mid-1970’s. Much of his recent output in these media has been the result of commissioned works for television in the US and Europe…

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