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The artist Charles Simonds
Born 1945, New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Land and Environmental,

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charles simonds
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charles simonds
Charles Simonds has created an entirely imaginary civilization of a race he calls Little People, complete with its own history, belief system, and way of life…

charles simonds
Simonds began making his miniature Dwellings early in the 1970s, situating them in outdoor spaces in the downtown Manhattan neighborhoods of the Lower East Side and SoHo. Passersby found them on windowsills, on the brick facades of abandoned buildings, and in empty lots. The artist imagined these to be homes for a nomadic population he called “the Little People.” He describes his Dwellings that reside indoors, such as this work, as “mixed metaphors of landscape, body, house, and growth.”

charles simonds
Charles Simonds creates miniaturized environments which seem at the outset to be endowed with archeological and anthropological significance…

charles simonds
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