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The artist Cheri Samba
Born Dec 30 1956, Kinto-Mvuila, Congo.
Lives and works in Kinshasa and Paris, France, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Venice Biennale,

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cheri samba
<p>I like all works of art.<br />
I like all works of art whether I understand them or not .<br />
not that everybody will make understandable things,<br />
certain works demand reflection before getting to know<br />
them, even the author must be there for him to<br />
explain it to you. so I do not take chances as to say<br />
– this I don’t like – this I like, I like all works of art,<br />
all that my colleagues do, interests me.<br />
it’s art, what we do.<br />
there is no limit, we are artists.<br />
it’s art that comes from the name artist.<br />
I am an artist…</p>

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