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The artist Chiho Aoshima
Born 1974, Tokyo, Japan.
Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art, Mural Art – Muralism, Superflat,

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chiho aoshima
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chiho aoshima
The doe-eyed ingénues in Chiho Aoshima’s digital drawings seem to emerge from beyond nature itself. It’s as if they were born whole within a garden of unreality populated by themes milled from centuries of Japanese culture, ranging from Edo scrolls to Sailor Moon…

chiho aoshima
"City Glow"

chiho aoshima
Debuting in the art scene with no formal art training, Chiho Aoshima’s work transcends traditional techniques of representation. Aoshima uses computer software to create beautiful and erotic worlds of ghosts, demons, schoolgirls, and exquisite natural landscapes.
Her work is printable on any surface; from canvas bags to giant wallpaper installations. “My work feels like strands of my thoughts that have flown around the universe before coming back to materialize,” Aoshima states…

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