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The artist Chris Ofili
Born 1968, Manchester, England.
Lives and works in London, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting, Turner Prize, BritArt,

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chris ofili
The Adoration of Captain Shit and the Legend of the Black Stars

chris ofili
<p>His art has the instant appeal of comic book art or Hogarth’s prints. It has the hilarious addition of a substance that does not belong in the gallery’s pristine space. But this is a front. The joke of Captain Shit and The Legend of The Black Stars is that the white hands clutch at a facade, a man who is all image, without seeming aware of the world behind him; the world of the Black Stars, something less resolved, less understandable than the surface image.<br />
Ofili’s joke works against the Turner Prize. The art world want a piece of him, they can’t get enough of him..</p>

chris ofili
In Ofili’s work the rhythmic patterning of painterly and cultural elements – sacred and profane, personal and political, from high and low culture – plays on ideas of beauty while also carrying messages about black culture, history and exoticism. His is a highly seductive art of braided connections that work on many levels, physically and metaphorically. Always displaying linear grace in addition to a surfeit of detail, Ofili’s recent works adopt simple, pared-down forms whilst continuing to be just as expansive, dramatic and romantic – full of references to sensuality, sexuality and his ongoing exploration of Biblical themes. Sculpture is an increasingly important element of his work, allowing for further experimentation with form and subject matter. Alongside the recent developments in the artist’s material choices, Ofili has remained faithful to a pictorial style that relies on a conscious flattening of the picture plane, carefully layered surfaces, and diverse sources of inspiration…

chris ofili
Born in 1968 in Manchester, England, to Nigerian parents, Chris Ofili graduated from London’s Royal College of Art in 1993. His distinctive and intensely colorful visual style unites the worlds of kitsch, hip-hop music, decorative art, Pop Art, blaxploitation films, the London Zoo, and the Zimbabwe plains. He counts American artist David Hammons, also represented in the Walker collection, among his major influences, but his work has been linked to sources as diverse as William Blake, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Judy Chicago, Andy Warhol, West African textiles, Matopos cave paintings, and the visual culture of psychedelia…

chris ofili
"My project is not a p c project … It allows you to laugh about issues that are potentially serious."

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