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Christian Boltanski | the artist

The artist Christian Boltanski
Born Sept 6 1944, Paris, France.
Lives and works in Malakoff near Paris, .
Style and technique of the artist: Praemium Imperiale Award, Der Kaiserring, Installation art, Painting, Photography,

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One of Boltanski’s favorite themes is his own life story, both actual and reinvented, which he evokes through startling collections of photographs and objects. In other pieces, he assembles seemingly mundane elements to address some of the most fundamental and disturbing contradictions of twentieth-century life.
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Boltanski, Christian – Festival d’Automne

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Christian Boltanski discovered the most important elements of his art by reconstructing his childhood with the aid of records and consistently carrying on the concept of the examination of past and non-permanence on a general level…

christian boltanski
Portfolio of photogravures by French artist Christian Boltanski.

christian boltanski
A selection of works from the past twenty years, to encounter or re-encounter

christian boltanski
Works in the MOMA collection

christian boltanski
Pourim réserve [Purim reserve]

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