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The artist Christine Aerfeldt
Born 1958, Adelaide, Australia.
Lives and works in Adelaide, South Australia; London UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Christine Aerfeld
Beautiful Pastorale (She Knits and Waits); Saatchi Gallery

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Aerfeldt is the recipient of numerous awards and honours, most notably the 2006 Anne and Gordon Samstag Scholarship for international study, considered to be the most prestigious award of its kind in Australia. For two years running she was named as one of the best emerging artists in South Australia…

Christine Aerfeld
" I am interested in evoking a sense of time in my work- a blurred sense of time and consciousness, where the past and present merge and collide, where memory and the present moment combine. Childhood is often thought of as a time of idyllic innocence, fun and freedom. However, happy images often mask harsher realities. The ceramic figurine is a metaphor for the child, referring to the way children are moulded and manipulated by parents and society, to become compliant and obedient rather than authentic. The images portrayed in my "Australian bush" series are like scenes from a children's stage pantomime. There are certain scenes and characters, which appear and reappear. The little 'folk' doll dressed in national costume, two other dolls (Jenny and Sue), the Australian bush in summer with its animals … three disparate elements somehow find themselves in the same picture. The scenes are still obviously not from everyday reality, and the figurine is or is not integrated with the background, in order to evoke various possible narratives. These are images conjured in the psychology of the mind – reflections of the inner world, lending themselves to freudian analysis.”

Christine Aerfeldt
Christine Aerfeldt's profoundly personal early paintings integrated nostalgic sepia-coloured paintings of old family photographs from Estonia, with bright and polished depictions of kitsch Hummel-like dolls in traditional and beautifully-detailed European folkloric costumes…

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