Christodoulos Panayiotou

Christodoulos Panayiotou | the artist

The artist Christodoulos Panayiotou
Born 1978, Limassol, Cyprus.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Performance Art, Taipei Biennial,

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Christodoulos Panayiotou
an artist who incisively explores the complex interconnections between our most innate desires and their cultural constructions. From fighter planes and fireworks to yesterdays confetti and songs whose lyrics we are almost embarrassed to know by heart, Panayiotou crafts concise videos, objects and ephemeral situations that reveal a playful wit and an eye for the sex appeal and abstract beauty of our everyday world. At once ironic yet tender, analytic but deeply felt, his work is that of a savvy cultural consumer who is not afraid every now and then to fall for the very romantic myths and pop productions he so deftly probes…

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