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Christoph Buechel | the artist

The artist Christoph Buechel
Born 1966, Basel, Switzerland.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Sydney Biennale,

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christoph büchel
<p>christoph büchel’s ‘no future’, a video and performative installation. <br />
‘no future’ transforms the gallery into a rehearsal space for a punk band of volunteers who are over the age of 80 years. in the space they rehearse the 1977 sex pistol’s hit, ‘god save the queen’, originally called ‘no future’, which was banned from BBC, but still made its way to the top of the charts despite this. the band gathers for practice and performs in public whenever they please during the gallery’s opening hours, during which their sessions are video-taped and recorded and will be released on DVD and CD at the end of the biennale…</p>

simply botiful
Swiss artist Christoph Büchel had big shoes to fill when he was asked to create something for Hauser & Wirth’s East London project space. Dieter Roth and Paul McCarthy had both come before him. Buchel’s current show, however, blows both those boys out of the water…

christoph büchel

christoph büchel
Buchel likes to force his audience into an uneasy complicity with the sleaziness, discomfort and unsettling scenarios he creates – as a paying visitor, you are somehow responsible for what you are walking through…

Deutsche Grammatik
Christoph Büchel challenges the visitor with his indeed spectacular and very complex room installations – they are touching the senses, are tickling the nerves, provoke and even raise hidden phobia…

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