Christoph Girardet

Christoph Girardet | the artist

The artist Christoph Girardet
Born 1966, Langenhagen, Germany.
Lives and works in Hannover, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Christoph Girardet
Since 1989, he has produced video tapes and video installations, since 1994 some of them in collaboration with video artist Volker Schreiner and since 1999 with filmmaker Matthias Müller…

Christoph Girardet
It is the question as to what lies behind the surface of pictures which preoccupies Christoph Girardet. “Found footage” material, primarily from films of the nineteen-fifties and -sixties, serves as his point of departure for a filmic investigation in which scenes and images are first broken apart and deconstructed…

Christoph Girardet
From the window of a Roman villa, a boy watches expressionless as the city burns in the far distance. Like a photograph, the picture remains static…

Christoph Girardet
Mirror creates an atmospheric image of the 'in between', the nameless sphere between belonging and isolation…

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