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The artist Christopher Alexander
Born Oct 4 1936, Vienna, Austria.
Lives and works in Berkeley, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Architecture, Land and Environmental,

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christopher alexander
A N . A S S O C I A T I O N . O F . P E O P L E . F R O M<br />
A L L . W A L K S . O F . L I F E<br />
W I T H . A R C H I T E C T S . A N D . B U I L D E R S<br />
W E . A R E . R E B U I L D I N G . O U R . N E I G H B O R H O O D S<br />
S L O W L Y . R E B U I L D I N G . T H E . E A R T H

Toward a New Architecture of Life
Or, Why Christopher Alexander May Be
The Most Avant-Garde Modernist of All

Nature of Order
In the late 1970s, Christopher Alexander became an icon in the architecture world with his book, A Pattern Language. In it, he argued for injecting personal, emotional and spiritual qualities into manmade structures, streets and cities. Alexander's book challenged the architectural establishment and derided much that's been built over the past century as "deadly."

about the artist
"In these postmodern times of distortional post-structural theories and cynical deconstructivist designs, Alexander's work is a beacon illuminating a way to make the world more robust, beautiful, and kind… this vision and work may well inspire a new generation of practitioners and thinkers, and so a virtuous circle may proceed." — David Seamon, Professor in the Department of Architecture, Kansas State University

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